The K-12 leader's ultimate guide to reclaiming staff time

7 strategies to help school staff manage the increase in inbound communications.


Staff time is at a premium. Now more than ever.

Questions, suggestions, and concerns are pouring in from your school community — and have been for a while now.

On average, school districts are seeing more than 3x the volume of inbound communications. Such a surge can tax already limited time and resources, pull attention away from other responsibilities, and take a toll on already overwhelmed staff who aren’t necessarily equipped to effectively handle the influx.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our free guide reveals 7 practical strategies for reclaiming staff time and effectively managing an influx in inbound communications.

What could you and your team accomplish with more time?

Reveal flexible and scalable ideas to:

  • Systematically streamline inbound communications
  • Ensure timely, accurate responses — every time
  • Increase accessibility and make every interaction count
  • Stay connected regardless of distance or location
  • Improve internal collaboration and eliminate duplicate efforts
  • Monitor the quality and result of every conversation
  • Establish internal accountability

Reclaim staff time while enhancing — not sacrificing — community engagement.

There’s no shortage of questions, concerns, and feedback this school year. Get practical, scalable ideas for freeing up staff time (even amid an increase of inbound communications) while making it even easier for families and others to quickly access the information they need.