The Department of Education estimates that U.S. schools will need 1.6 million new teachers by 2022.

School districts are challenged with hiring and retaining employees. The most successful schools have a knack for retaining and consistently engaging passionate educators. But empowering teachers and staff isn’t easy.

In this webinar, R Chace Ramey, assistant superintendent for human resources at Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools, reveals how the nation’s 10th-largest school division uses employee feedback to inform critical programs, develop a premier workforce, motivate teachers and staff, and create a caring culture.

You’ll learn:

  • How to measure and increase employee engagement
  • A  process for collecting feedback across departments and from all employees
  • How to use personal feedback to drive meaningful change
  • The power of employee feedback and change management
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R Chace Ramey
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia

Dr. Alisha Martinez
Sr. Director, Research & Business Analytics
K12 Insight

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