Video: Connect, Amplify and Engage


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Everyone in your district wants a voice.

It’s never been more clear: Every stakeholder wants to share their input as you make critical decisions about your school district. Purposeful school surveys can help districts make critical decisions, prioritize resources, support and engage students, guide interventions, retain staff, monitor progress and communicate with their communities.

In this insight-heavy video, you’ll hear from education research experts Dr. Jennifer CoissonDr. Amy Boehl, and Alexandra M. Weiss on using surveys and other research methods to inform decisions, promote trust and create a sense of community in your district.

Learn how to adapt your survey strategies this year to:

  • Collect focused and actionable data
  • Capture the impact of COVID-19
  • Better understand perceptions
  • Communicate your district’s values
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Track changes over time
  • Prevent and address critical issues

Build a survey that drives action

Surveys provide important data and insights to help you understand your community’s needs, identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, and drive meaningful change.

Discover how to build a better survey that helps you collect input from your community on:

  • School culture and climate
  • Academic support
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Student engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Social-emotional learning
  • And more!