Provide answers to your district’s most asked questions

nowledge Base is a new feature within Let’s Talk! that allows school districts to create an editable bank of informational articles in one central location — making it easy for families, teachers, students, and others to find answers to their questions. 

Knowledge Base helps school districts: 

    • Deflect tickets.
      Solve problems before they ever hit your inbox by providing customers with 24/7/365 access to answers to frequently asked questions.

    • Consolidate information.
      Ensure consistency of messaging and information with a shared knowledge base that provides access to the latest facts and information.

    • Share information across multiple channels with ease.
      Update and maintain informational articles shared across multiple channels such as web pages, within the Let's Talk! platform, and alongside the Let’s Talk! Assistant chatbot.

    • Provide equitable access to information.
      Using Knowledge Base, you can make articles and answers to frequently asked questions available in additional languages to help provide equitable customer service to families.

    • Save time.
      Equip school staff with resources that help them easily respond to common questions so they can focus on more complex, nuanced tasks.

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