Let's Talk! Assistant

Experience the difference of a chatbot designed specifically for K-12 school districts

School leaders need more than typical chatbots offer.

So we made ours different.

We used our more than a decade of experience in the K-12 space plus data analysis from over 300 school district partners across the nation to give you an unparalleled chatbot experience. From seamless integration to streamlined onboarding to real-time tracking to ongoing enhancements, Let's Talk! Assistant was designed with you—and your educational community—in mind.

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Create a one-stop-shop for families that's available when they are

No more waiting for the school- or work-day to start to answer questions.

  • Give parents, students, and others easy access to answers for FAQs 24/7
  • Provide fast, always-on customer service—without taxing your team
  • Enable families to submit complex inquiries to a staff member (without leaving the chat)

but stay human

Implemented correctly, 80% of routine questions can be answered by chatbots.

  • Take repetitive interactions off employees' plates, freeing them up to resolve high-touch customer interactions
  • Correctly answer a greater number of questions with a chatbot backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Use customer input to optimize FAQs and continue improving
  • Power small and large teams while reducing overall support costs

Measure your impact
in real-time

Get data that means something—without all the heavy lifting.

  • Track key metrics, including number of inquiries and customer satisfaction
  • Optimize your FAQ Knowledge Base using customer input and 1-click approval
  • Find out what questions and topics are top-of-mind with your community so you can get—and stay—ahead of them
  • Get key insights, such as time saved and trending topics, to understand your impact and continue driving improvement

The K12 Insight advantage
Reap the benefits of a true partnership.


Go live in just 3 weeks with our collaborative onboarding process.


Receive quarterly Essential FAQ lists, backed by regional and seasonal Let's Talk! data, to empower your chatbot.


Use our bank of customizable communications templates to easily promote Let's Talk! Assistant in your community.


Reach out to our team of experts at any time. We're always happy to answer questions, discuss best practices, and help you get the most out of our partnership.

You need more than
"just another chatbot."

That's why we've integrated ours with Let's Talk!, our online customer service ticketing system—giving you a comprehensive approach to engaging with your community and improving the customer experience.

Experience the difference of Let’s Talk! Assistant.

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