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How to effectively use surveys for re-entry and recovery planning

Re-entry is about so much more than just bringing students, teachers, and staff back together. It’s a process—for safety, healing, and recovery.

From understanding where your community currently stands to learning where your district needs to go (and how best to get there), surveys and other research strategies play a critical role. But they need to be done properly—and effective surveying during the COVID era requires a different approach than pre-pandemic surveys.

Download this on-demand webinar today and listen as education researcher Dr. Jennifer Coisson hosts a candid conversation with Veronica Sopher (Chief Communications Officer, Fort Bend ISD), Dr. Alisha Martinez (Data Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools), and Corey Gordon (Principal, DeliverEd) to discuss how the past year has reshaped the world of K-12 surveying and the future implications for effective research as districts navigate re-entry and recovery.

You’ll learn:
  • What education leaders are researching now to prepare for safe and smooth re-entry
  • Practical ideas for effective school and district surveys amid the pandemic
  • How strategic surveying supports short- and long-term recovery



Veronica Sopher

Chief Communications Officer

Fort Bend ISD (TX)


Alisha Martinez, Ph.D.

Data Specialist

Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)


Corey Gordon




Jennifer Coisson, Ph.D.

Head of Research

K12 Insight