Reveal the true state of customer service in your school district with

the only secret shopping toolkit built specifically for K-12 education.

And it's entirely free. Because truly understanding the customer experience in your district shouldn't be contingent on pricing.

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Why secret shop your school district?

From first impressions to ongoing perceptions, every interaction has the potential to create a lasting impact. Secret shopping is a highly predictable and effective tool for understanding the level of service your district provides and holding your teams accountable for the skills and habits that create an excellent customer experience culture.

Understand your customers by walking in their shoes.

Your customers' experience is different than your own—and taking a walk in their shoes can help you identify and refine any gaps, hassles, or opportunities in their journey to improve overall school culture.

Get a baseline measurement for service delivery in your district.

If you're not measuring, you're not growing. Gather baseline data for understanding the service your district currently provides and identify opportunities for meaningful improvement.

Establish accountability and improve frontline performance—as a team.

Every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impression and build trust. Reveal how well your schools and district perform against service standards to inform responsive action plans around culture, training, and capacity.

Create a culture of happy customers and directly impact student success, family and employee engagement, and district culture.

Introducing The Ultimate K-12 Secret Shopping Toolkit

We get it: Secret shopping can be intimidating, especially when you try to apply it effectively to the K-12 space. That's why our team of school customer service experts did the heavy lifting for you by creating this grab-and-go, customizable toolkit—which includes all of the information, rubrics, worksheets, and other resources to help you successfully secret shop your district and get meaningful results.

  • Reveal our exclusive quick-shop method that ensures an effective secret shopping program you actually have time and capacity to successfully complete
  • Unlock a wealth of grab-and-go and customizable resources for planning and executing an effective program
  • Get expert guidance with each resource or reach out to our customer service experts with additional questions and support

Dig Into Data that Matters

There is no shortage of data in the K-12 space. But data that helps you understand the level of service your district is currently providing? That's something many school leaders struggle with. Numbers like that help you identify what teachers and frontline staff are doing well and where there's room to improve so that:

  • Students feel welcome and engaged in their school and district
  • Families feel like valued partners in their child's education, trust school leaders to make decisions in the best interest of their children, and become true advocates of the district
  • Teachers and staff feel appreciated and empowered to succeed

We take the guesswork out of understanding your customer
service and driving meaningful change. See for yourself.


Why complete K12 Insight's free Secret Shopping Program?
School districts aren't businesses, but understanding your customers' experience is critical to the success of your district and the students in your care. But we realized not all school districts (in fact most) don't have an effective way to understand and measure the service they provide.

We used our more than a decade of experience in the K-12 space to design the only Secret Shopping Program for K-12 school districts to fill that gap. When you embark on this learning journey with us, we provide you with all of the resources, guidance, and support to successfully (and effectively) secret shop your district. By using our toolkit, you'll have the data you need to truly drive meaningful change. That's our promise.

What do I do with this data once I have it?
This data is unbelievably powerful. That's why we help you tap into its magic with our free Data Dive session. We'll help you identify trends across shops, determine strengths and opportunities for improvement, and develop responsive action plans so you can get all the magic without the mystery.

This sounds too good to be true. Why is it free?
The short answer: Understanding the customer experience in your district shouldn't be contingent on pricing. We made this program free--including all the resources, data analysis, and other support along the way--because we want to give every district the opportunity to understand and improve the service they provide. Better service = happier and more engaged customers, which directly impacts district culture and student success.

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