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K12 Insight helps school districts streamline inbound communications, identify problems before they become crises, and make data-driven decisions with the only all-in-one customer service and intelligence platform purpose-built for K-12 education.

Elevate customer service. Improve school climate. Advance student achievement.

K12 Insight has been helping school districts improve customer service for over a decade. We offer a comprehensive suite of customer service solutions — including the only customer experience and intelligence platform purpose-built for education, Let’s Talk. Our solutions help districts:

Support academic achievement
Meet rising expectations for superior customer service
Build trust and generate public support
Identify problems before they become crises

The Power of Customer Service in Schools: The Key to Student Success

Losing just five students can cause a budget shortage equivalent to one full-time teacher’s salary.

Decades of research prove the connection between a positive school climate and higher levels of student achievement. But how can K-12 leaders cultivate a better school culture? A district’s climate is impacted by many things — academic success, interpersonal relationships, safety, leadership structure, and the physical environment. Concerns with any one of these can lead to

  • student attrition
  • failed bond proposals
  • low academic achievement, or
  • negative district perceptions.

Solving each dimension individually will yield mediocre results, but there is one thing that, if improved, has the power to transform all of them: customer service.

By intentionally transforming customer service delivery districtwide, you’ll begin to see distinct improvements in every other facet of your district’s operations.

K12 Insight offers a comprehensive suite of K-12 customer service solutions...


Let's Talk Communications Platform

Streamline internal and external inquiries, inform strategic planning and interventions, break down department silos, and improve customer service at every touchpoint.
Our expert team has the expertise and
tools to help school districts collect feedback and analyze data to identify
gaps and opportunities impacting the school environment.
A DIY, cloud-based survey solution built for K-12 school districts to help school leaders build, administer, and analyze community surveys.
Expert-led, interactive virtual and in-person workshops to help to uplevel soft skills and ensure your intentional customer service plan is executed well at every level.

“School districts have to maintain an open dialogue with their community. Let’s Talk helps us do that effectively. It’s a good tool for becoming a better community partner.”

Dr. Curtis Jones, Former Superintendent, Bibb County School District (GA)

K12 Insight’s suite of customer service solutions has helped hundreds of school districts navigate the journey of customer service.


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