Virtual Customer Service Workshops

Supercharge your team's customer service skills with virtual PD + Training—designed specifically for K-12 school districts.

Empower teachers and staff to improve the school experience —one key customer service skill at a time.

Great schools take great classrooms. But a quality school experience extends beyond just teaching and learning. Increasingly, your schools are measured by the feeling that students, parents, teachers, and staff get when they engage with you and your team—turning every interaction into an important opportunity to provide exceptional customer service.

Our engaging, expert-led Supercharged Cx Skills virtual professional development courses are strategically designed to give your team the training and practice they need to supercharge critical customer service skills and improve the school experience—one key skill at a time.

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The best of virtual PD + training

Experience engaging, expert-led sessions that encourage meaningful active participation

Get printable or digitally fillable PDF workbooks, completion certificates, and ongoing support via Let's Talk! (our online customer service solution)

Understand participation and drive meaningful improvement with key attendance and engagement data and insights—including anonymous feedback from attendees

With each course, you get:

  • 1-hour virtual instruction (live)
  • Printable or digitally fillable PDF workbook
  • Self-paced online activity post-instruction (~30 min)
  • Ongoing online support via Let's Talk!
  • Certificate of completion

Exceptional Customer Service workshop series

Redefine School Customer Experience

In this course, we'll define exceptional customer service and the impact it has on the school experience, identify your "customers," and develop a customer care vision that helps drive a district-wide focus on improving the customer experience.

Tap into Empathy

This course focuses on the what, why, and how of empathy—a key ingredient in creating interactions that are memorable for all the right reasons.

Build Good Rapport

In this course, we'll cover all things rapport: from techniques for establishing and building good rapport to leveraging rapport in customer interactions.

Exceed Customer Expectations

In this course, you'll learn how (and why) to uncover customers' needs, truly listen to your customer, and go the extra mile.

Solve Challenging Problems

This course will walk you through how to manage challenging problems—from learning how to verify, clarify, and follow up on issues to acting on customer feedback to maintaining an upbeat attitude—so that you and your customer have an exceptional experience.

Ready to supercharge your team's customer service skills?