Learning continues to transform. Are you prepared for the next potential shift?

Just as schools navigated the exit process when the pandemic first hit, they’ll need to prepare for the reality that school buildings may need to close again—and that students, teachers, and staff will need to re-exit.

Now that you’ve gotten past the back-to-school hurdle, it can be tempting to back-burner planning for a “what if” scenario. But families and teachers who may have been understanding of a lack of responsiveness or learning support in the spring won’t be as forgiving in fall, winter, or next spring.

Unlock 6 critical strategies for staying connected with your community during re-exit, along with practical examples of each. Plus, learn how one district in Texas connects with and reassures their community amid the pandemic.

Ideas you can use

Reveal flexible & scalable strategies to:

  • Stay connected during school closures—whether pandemic-related or something different, like inclement weather
  • Keep your community informed, and avoid PR crises
  • Take listening to the next level with new communication channels, such as texting and chatbot
  • Increase internal collaboration, despite physical distance
  • Turn community input into data you can use
  • And so much more!

Smoothly navigate whatever this school year holds in store.

Get practical ideas for staying connected with your community during a period of re-exit.

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